The Community Foundation has been serving our community since 1968.

The Community Foundation has been serving our community since 1968.

The Foundation was first organized on June 28, 1968, as the Greater Warsaw Community Foundation under the sponsorship of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. In the 1970s, the Foundation was reorganized and expanded to include the entire county and renamed the Kosciusko County Foundation.

The Foundation was given new impetus when Lilly Endowment Inc. announced Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) in 1990. This initiative helped to establish and strengthen existing community foundations. In preparation for the GIFT challenge, Neal Carlson was selected the first, part-time executive director of the Kosciusko County Foundation. In January 1995, Neal Carlson retired as Executive Director. Suzanne Light was named to the position. Kosciusko County Foundation successfully met Lilly Endowment GIFT challenges in 1993, 1996, 1998, and 2002. In December 2008, the Foundation successfully finished the Sustaining Resource Development (SRD) Challenge issued by Lilly Endowment Inc., which aimed to build endowments in general and the Foundation’s own operating endowment.

Dekko Foundation has also been very helpful in encouraging Kosciusko County Foundation growth, through challenge grants as well as assisting with the development of Kosciusko Endowment Youth Services (KEYS) in 1995. KEYS members learn leadership, team-building and grantmaking skills. Their grantmaking focuses on educational projects in our county.

On July 1, 2002, the Foundation changed from trust form to corporate form. We completed the process to be incorporated in the state of Indiana and our name is now officially Kosciusko County Community Foundation, Inc.